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Established in 1957, the man behind establishing it was Wilson Smith and was first known as Food Town opened up as a solo grocery store in Salisbury.

Food Lion
It was a self-sufficient store when opened up but in 1974, it was obtained by a clustered-based Belgium group known as Delhaize group. The name was then changed then in 1983 from Food Town to Food Chain, the chain of grocery started enlarging and then slowly integrated and a lot of investments were done by other clustered groups and currently, the Food Lion is now purchased by Ahold Delhaize.

Around 1000 stores are governed by Food Lion. They have their own stores overseas as well such as Bangkok in Thailand is a great example.

What is Talk To Food Lion Survey?

This assessment part is to be done by the recurring customers of Food Lion grocery store as their estimation will be getting them a golden chance for free pick up from Food Lion. This survey is found on customer survey
And it will also benefit Food Lion in making their service better from their customer’s online feedback.
It will hardly cost you 10 minutes max., of your time to polish off the survey.

So, why wait just hop on and just to clarify one thing that whether Positive or negative any feedback will be respected as earlier said it will be a chance for Food Lion to make their service better than what you expect.

Conditions For Entering Talk To Food Lion Survey

  1. Should be at least 18 years old, underage people will not be entertained
    Only permissible inhabitants of areas like DC, GA, KY, MD, NC, PA, TN, WW, DE are sanctioned to enter.
  2. The workers of Food Lion are not allowed for this contest.
  3. For taking part in this survey, you need to have a receipt of the item that you purchased.
  4. Food Lion, as the receipt, will be having the pin number on it.
  5. Only 5 days are maximum days where the survey needs to be completed from the day you purchased
  6. Paying taxes should be done by the victor as the victor is not allowed to transfer.
  7. The maximum no. of entries should be 5 only.
  8. When you’ve entered the 500$ so no need to participate in the Food Lion gift card prize.

How To Enter Talk To Food Lion Survey?

  1.  Go to the address bar and type
  2.  Select your favored dialect i.e English or Spanish.Food Lion Survey Receipt
  3. Now, you need to enter your Pin number which is on your Food Lion’s purchasing receipt as then only the lookup page will proceed to the next step.
  4. Then, the Questionnaire round will occur, and where you have to choose only one answer.

 After completing the questionnaire round, you will proceed to the next page where you have to fill up a section of your contact details.
Which will include, your name, address, city, and state.

Food Lion Customer Survey


Enter Survey By Mail

If not comfortable using electronic devices or there are some technical issues in your net connection then we have a mail service provision too for you, just mail us at our registered P.O box 456, Newark, NY 14513 with your name, phone no, address, and date of birth as well.

As, by the rules, there will be a selection of 10 winners randomly and each from any of the three periods which are

  • November 2, 2020(First entry)
  • December 11, 2020 (Second entry)
  • January 13, 2020(Third entry)

Winners will be informed through email, phone, or mail in less than or in 2 working days.

If you are getting desperate to know the names of the contest winners then not online but you can mail with an envelope stamped at the registered P.O box no. 458, Newark, NY, 14513.

Prize Offered By Foodlions To Their Victors For Filling Survey

The winners of Lion will receive a gift card of 500$.
If purchased items within 500$ then it will cost zero amount and if items purchased above 500$ then it will be 500$ off on that purchase.

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