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Stands for United States Postal Service(USPS) or U.S mail, is one of those agencies of the U.S which we can say are autonomous. Yes right! They are liberated by the executive powers of the executive department of the federal government as well as from the executive powers of the President of the United States too.

It was founded by the United States Congress.

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According to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, they are granted the Postal Powers which means that they have their fundamental rights to depute their mail passage and they are also accredited for setting up their own workplace.

The United States and its island areas are completely dependent on their mail service.

The first Mail office was established in 1792 and guess what, the first Postmaster appointed was none other than Benjamin Franklin. From 1980, the subsidization of taxes was turned down after becoming an independent agency.
FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS) are the well-sounded contender of USPS, in many terms such as

  • Nationwide deliveries of top-priority, high-priority letters.
  • The conglomeration of other item’s delivery.

But not being a patent, FedEx and UPS don’t have the authorities to dispatch normal letters as well as they can’t hand-over any straight courier to any U.S post box to any populous or any trade locations.

Although, there was full accordance between FedEx and USPS for unhanding the items rather by FedEx or USPS to the targeted post office.

DHL express also was once of the major entrants in this field but, after February 2009 when their domestic delivery system was terminated, it was an outcast from the competition.

USPS directly contracts Fed-Ex only for the transportation of precedence letters which really need to be transported through the air within 2-3 days.
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USPS Mail Services Needs Feedbacks, well well guess what’s next yes the link says it all, this is the new online digital work done by the United States Postal Service to get under the surveillance of their own clients.

This is mainly a look over/survey site, where customers can visit the survey site of the USPS and share their wonderful, happy, sad, or pathetic experiences encountered by their clients.

Purpose For Making The USPS Survey

The purpose for the creation of this survey is for the self-improvement in their services, if their client is facing any issues and are somehow not able to get connected to the customer service providers and are willing to make any suggestion which they think that their suggestion will play a mandatory part in any of USPS’s operational task, then they have the full opportunity to throw it out on this platform, so why wait as it hardly takes any time to write in the open gate!!

This is how the survey’s page will look and will be clearing your further doubts if required.

Just a reminder this lookup page is only for those who are the existing customers/clients of USPS, just for your information any random individual visiting the website and writing any critical or just doing it for fun, reminding you that will not be entertained, consequences will not be endurable.

This site is only made for creating a new form of impetus, and it’s only possible if people like you can cooperate.

How To Fill USPS Postal Experience Survey?

  1. First, go to the address bar and type And it is accessible from any web browser.
  2. After the site is completely showing on your screen, then it’s the time you choose the dialect in which you’re completely comfortable answering., chiefly there will be two languages in option i.e English and Spanish.Postal Experience Survey—Official USPS® Survey
  3. Switching to the other side, there will be a survey frame that you’re supposed to read very thoroughly, and after reading click on the Next Button to proceed.
  4. Now, with the receipt that you’ve received from USPS, on the top of that receipt you’ll see a 5-6 digit code, yes and that code is your Zip code.www postalexperience com pos usps customer satisfaction survey
  5. When you’ve switched to the other page after clicking on next you’ll see that you’re on the page where you’ll be asked your Zip code.
  6. After filling up the zip code section, then the respective centers of USPS will be portrayed on your screen which comes under the zip code you’ve entered.
  7. Select, as you must be knowing the whereabouts of the USPS, where you got your work done from the USPS mail service, and after you’ve chosen the mail office’s destination.
  8. Now the next screen appears, and where you’re requested to fill in the date on which you’ve acquired the service, check the receipt for the exact date mentioned on it, and then click on Next.
  9. So, if all the given info is completely filled up, then some ticking the answer questions will be laid out.
  10. And there you have to tick the answers which are worthy according to your convenience.
  11. After completing the census, a ‘Thank You’ message will be displayed and within less than a second, the page will be refreshed means you’re successfully a member of the USPS survey and will be expecting its new client’s feedback.

Track All Your Shipments using USPS App on Your Mobile

Those who are regularly obtaining service from USPS, so good news for the techie lovers and users too that USPS has launched
It’s own running mobile application and this available on both the platforms, Android and ios.

Post Office Whenever and Wherever—USPS Mobile® App –

The application is made for tracing your packages from your own gadgets.
So basically it’s a relief from not visiting the website to trace your device, where a page consumes your time in processing your work.

Parallelly this application also helps you in evaluating your stuff’s transportation cost, to look for the nearest USPS mail office through zip code, schedule of your package about at what time is the transportation time of your package like when picked and at what time it is scheduled to be dropped at the given location.

For Android users, use this link to install:

For ios users, use this link to install:

How To Track Your Package?

Tho’ being the substantial mail service provider in the United States Of America, the United States Postal Service has started shipping packages overseas as well.

There are few chances of getting one or two cons when the shipping is done overseas as if getting the regular update of tracing the packages.

A specially designed website is created by USPS, for locating the go way items across the United States Of America.

Procedure for tracing your packages overseas through the specially designed websites:

  1. Click on this link to visit the site.
  2. After the site is completely opened, then there will be a bar of ‘Track Your Package’.
  3. You have to fill in the tracking number which is related to your package sent abroad, that tracking number will be on your receipt received by you from the USPS, when you must’ve surrendered your package.
  4. Click on Enter, after you’ve filled the tracking number’s bar.
  5. So, all the regularly updated package’s schedule will be portrayed on your screen.

And for your information, whether it’s one package or more than one the receipt received by you will always be single, Remember!

Authentic Chap In Your Assistance

Generally, we all have some of the other issues or even let’s say for feedback too but at times we all are Lil bit of aunties in handling these things online.

So, for those who are not at all comfortable going online, we have a person designated to assist you in this work.

All you have to do is to follow these steps very carefully,

  1. From your landline, mobile dial the USPS toll-free number 1-800-275-8777.
  2. After you get connected, you will be asked for the zip code which is on your purchased receipt so enter that zip code
  3. If any question raised for private policy categorically decline it.
  4. Your call will be then forwarded to any respective representative, who will assist with any queries you have.

You see, USPS is a big organization so somehow you may have the option for requesting your queries assistance over a voice command, and plus you can request with a callback if no representative can respond and are busy with other customers.

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