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Arby's is popularly known as the second-largest fast-food sandwich chain. Arby's currently serves in multiple countries across the globe. Canada, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, and South Korea are namely a few of the countries where Arby's operates. The fast-food sandwich chain is well-known for its delicious slow-roasted beef sandwiches. To keep up with the current market, Arby's has started the www.arbys.com/survey to identify its advantages and disadvantages. The company also offers a $1000 reward to the people participating in its survey.

ArbysListens Survey

About Arby's

Founded in  1964 by Forrest and Leroy Raffel, Arby's has seen its fair share of ups and downs. After the economic recession, Arby's has seen tremendous growth in its customers. The menu also stands out as the recipe ingredients are sliced fresh every day. In addition to offering delicious, mouth-watering slow-roasted beef and turkey sandwiches, Arby's also serves their own special meals. These special meals are cheap which can be enjoyed by an average wage earner.

What is www.arbys.com/survey?

The www.arbys.com/survey is operated and maintained by Arby's. It serves only one purpose, that is to gather genuine feedback from the customers. By gaining your valuable feedback, Arby's is able to identify and assess areas where they need to focus their resources. It serves as a guidepost. Arby's survey is relatively simple to fill out. Under normal circumstances, you'll easily have the survey filled out in under 5 minutes.

Arby's Survey Rewards

Surveys often award perks to participants for successfully completing them. These perks are what we call ‘survey rewards'. People who participate in the Arby's survey are offered $1000 Reward. The survey reward can be claimed every month. To win the survey reward, you have to first complete the survey and submit it. After that, you will be allowed to the sweepstakes where you'll stand a chance to win $1000.

ArbysListens Survey Rules

Every survey has a set of rules to control the data coming in through the survey. This ensures that false and malicious data is not entered into the survey. It allows the company to control who can enter and who cannot enter the survey.

To take www.arbys.com/survey, you have to be aware of the following rules:

  • You must be 18 years old or above to participate in the survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States Of America or Canada.
  • You must have made a purchase at Arby's in the last 30 days.
  • You can only enter the survey once every month.
  • Multiple entries by an individual will be disqualified.
  • Survey reward cannot be transferred or exchanged.

Survey participants who are breaking the rules will be instantly disqualified from the survey. They will lose their chance to win the survey reward.

Arby's survey requirements

As you know the survey reward can be claimed every month. Only those who complete the survey are allowed to enter the sweepstakes. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a list of requirements. Make sure all items are ticked off the list before you proceed.

  • Computer/Laptop or Smartphone
  • Arby's Store Receipt
  • Survey Code printed on the receipt
  • Valid Email ID
  • Internet Connectivity to submit the survey

Take Arby's Survey

Now that you are familiar with the rules, you can avoid being disqualified from the survey. Once you have the requirements ready you will be able to smoothly fill out the survey. Arby's survey is fairly simple. Follow the given instructions promptly to successfully submit the survey:

  • Go to the official survey site located at www.arbys.com/survey or www.arbyslistens.com
  • On the welcome screen, you will be asked to choose your language of choice.
  • On the survey homepage, you will have to enter the survey details such as store number, time of visit, and order amount.
    arbyslistens survey
  • On the next page, you will see a list of questions. These questions will be regarding your recent visit to Arby's. The questions will ask you to rate your overall satisfaction at the store, the cleanliness of the store, the behavior of employees, checkout time, and clarity of prices.
  • Try to answer these questions honestly and leave your feedback wherever necessary.
  • On the final page of the survey, you will be asked to enter your personal contact details to enter the survey sweepstakes.
  • Enter your personal details in the respective fields. If you win the survey reward, you will be contacted via these details.

And we are done! This is the quickest way to fill out the www.arbys.com/survey. The survey offers a great chance for everyone to win the $1000 reward money. You should definitely participate in the survey!

Arby's Survey Questions

Arby's survey is created to get valuable feedback from customers about their last visit to an Arby's fast-food restaurant. In the survey, you will be asked about:

  • Taste of food
  • Time is taken to receive your order
  • Friendliness of Arby's team members
  • Interior cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Ease of payment during checkout
  • Value for money while ordering items

Contact Arby's

If you would like to get in touch with Arby's, you can contact their customer support at 1-800-599-2729

You can also visit their official website to get in touch with them.


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