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Long Jhon Silver's is a fast-food restaurant chain which specializes in seafood. It is one of the best fast-food serving restaurants that takes pride in its exceptionally delicious seafood menu. The franchise has been running for 50 years now. To ensure that excellent service and food is provided at their restaurants, they have started the mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey. The survey is the stepping stone to provide an outstanding dining experience to future customers.

mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey

About Long Jhon Silver's

Founded almost half a decade ago in 1969, Long Jhon Silver's is now one of the rapidly growing fast-food restaurant chains in the United States of America. This fast-food chain serves some of the best and mouth-watering seafood menu in the country. It's no wonder that this fast-food restaurant chain has now been running even after 50 years!

long jhon silvers seafood

It has become a go-to place for people who love to savour flavorful, exquisite seafood!

Long John Silver’s Survey

mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey was launched to gather customer input. This input will later allow the restaurant to assess its weaknesses and strengths.  The survey helps Long John Silver’s to know their quality of service across various restaurants which are spread all over the country. People are rewarded for participating in the survey and providing their valuable feedback.

Long John Silver’s Survey rewards

The mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey rewards its participants with a free voucher. Customers who successfully complete the survey are given the voucher. The voucher allows you to get a free 1 pc. fish and fries on your next purchase at Long John Silver’s.

Long John Silver’s Survey rules

There are certain rules to enter the Long John Silver’s Experience survey. It is to make sure that falsified data isn't entered into the survey. If you are found violating the rules, you will not be able to enter the survey. In some cases, you might not be able to collect your survey reward. This is exactly why it is of utmost importance that you are in accordance with the mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey rules.

  • Survey participant should be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • You must be 18 years old or above to enter the survey.
  • You can enter the survey only one time. Multiple entries will be discarded and disqualified.
  • Employees, officers and directors working with Long John Silver’s or its affiliates and their immediate family are not allowed to enter the survey.

In case you are interested in more details, you can check out the official survey rules here.

Long John Silver’s Survey restrictions/requirements

The mylongjohnsilversexperience.com survey can be completed under 10 minutes. You should make sure that you have the below-mentioned requirements to be able to complete the survey successfully.

  • A working Laptop/PC or Smartphone
  • A valid email ID to receive the voucher
  • A purchase receipt
  • Store Number printed on the purchase receipt
  • Ticket Number printed on the purchase receipt

Take Long John Silver’s Survey

Once you are familiar with the survey rules and requirements, it will hardly take minutes to complete the survey successfully. By entering accurate feedback to the questions you will be providing immense value to the company. It will help tremendously to increase the quality of service that is being provided by the fast-food restaurant chain.

  • First, head over to www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com on your browser.
  • On the survey homepage, you will be asked to enter survey information.
    mylongjohnsilversexperience survey
  • Enter the Store Number and Ticket Number in their respective fields.
  • Next, click on the Start button to start the survey.
  • You will be asked a series of questions regarding your experience at the Long John Silver’s restaurant. The questions will ask you to evaluate the quality of service, quality of food, the behaviour of staff members and cleanliness of the store you visited.
  • Upon successful completion of the survey, you will see your reward voucher. The voucher can be used on your next purchase at the store. You will get 1pc Fish and Fries for free with your order.

There is no alternate way to enter into the mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey. If you are unable to complete the survey successfully, you should probably try again at a later time. If you are still facing issues, you can get in touch with Long John Silver’s customer support with your queries.

Long John Silver’s Survey questions

Long John Silver’s serves some of the appetizing and flavorful seafood in the country. To ensure that all restaurants provide excellent quality to the customers, the survey asks for important input from the customers. The survey questions are mainly regarding:

  • Overall experience regarding the last visit to Long John Silver’s.
  • Quality of service
  • Freshness of Seafood
  • Staff Behaviour
  • Restaurant Cleanliness
  • Accuracy of order

Contact Long John Silvers

In case you would like to reach out to Long John Silvers you can contact them by phone: +1 417-451-0076

For further queries or doubts, you can also reach them at their official website.


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